Welcome to Artefact.188, artisans of exceptional men's accessories. Designed in London, made in Bali. Our dedicated team of highly skilled artisans pour their years of expertise into each piece. Our passion lies in honouring the natural world and intricate tapestry of global culture. This is the force propelling our dedicated team to curate exquisite and distinctive Artefacts that we proudly share with the world.


    At the heart of our brand is our head designer, Henry Xavier Blakeney, who's background in the BA Menswear Fashion program at Central Saint Martins planted the seeds of the brands conception. While working with brands like Stone Island, Hugo Boss, Paria Farzaneh, and Hermès, he couldn't ignore a pattern he saw in the fashion jewellery sector. Whether in the brands he worked for or those he purchased from, a common trend emerged: a lack of quality, craftsmanship, and meaning existed in the men's accessories.


    Through this observation, Artefact.188 was born. From its inception, our mission has remained the same: to create products that had meaning, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and the wonders of the world. We invite you to explore our product collections, where each piece encapsulates meaning. Join us in celebrating the artistry of human history and the promise of tomorrow through Artefact.188.


    Artefact.188 Accessory Design Studio

    Accessory Design Studio

    London, England